A 6-session journey with EarthKeepers and others who desire to learn to walk on this earth with respect, gentleness, and purpose

 Learning, reflecting, challenging, journeying together for the purpose of writing a non-performative personal land acknowledgement statement.

Presented by MN Hopeful Earthkeepers

This journey is presented through three resources: A slide deck, A participant’s guidebook, A facilitator’s guidebook. You will need all three to adequately cover the material.

Please read carefully the Facilitator’s notes before you begin. We feel it is extremely important that this material be presented in a way that does not water down the hard truths about what Institutional Church and Systematic White Supremacy has done and continues to do our Native siblings.

This was written for United Methodist people, others can, of course use it, but they will have to edit in their own faith traditions and history.

Transformational Journey Slides

Transformational Journey Facilitators

Land acknowledgement Guidebook

This resource is licensed under the Creative Commons CCBY 2.0 license, meaning you may use and modify for any purpose, provided you attribute the resource to its creator.