Retrace | There are six passages in the Bible that are often used to harm and exclude people in the LGBTQIA+ community. In this series, we will retrace these passages, diving into the context and cultures in which they are found. Through this process we may find that these passages aren’t condemning or shaming, but they illuminate our understanding of how we are to love one another and become a grace-infused people.

Idols and Partisanship | Romans 1.26-27 | The church in Rome is fractured between Jewish Christians and Gentile Christians. Paul is trying to help them unify. His tactic? Help them recognize that BOTH groups are in need of Christ. To do that, he deploys a crafty rhetorical tactic that sets-up the Jewish Christians. But that tactic hinges on utilizing some cultural customs prevalent at that time and using their own biases against them.

This passage is probably the toughest to retrace. It comes across as the most straight forward. But maybe there’s more to it than what we read on the surface. Maybe this passage is an effort to bring people together.

And we could use some of that in our world, in our politics, in our families right now.

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