In this video series, you’ll walk through a series of exercises for self-reflection that will help you understand how your gifts and passions might direct you toward understanding your calling. Before you start watching these videos, we recommend that you fill out THIS ONLINE FORM so that we can send you the ConneXion Workbook that contains all the materials you need to complete the exercises in the video. Registration is required for Certified Lay Servant status through the Minnesota Annual Conference and provides two coaching sessions as you journey through this online retreat.

When you’re ready to start your journey through the ConneXion Retreat materials, find some uninterrupted time and a quiet space for each video so you’re able to be present to yourself and listen for God’s voice. This retreat has been life-changing for many people, and we’re excited that we are now able to offer it to you virtually.

If you have questions about the ConneXion Retreat or what lay servant ministry can look like for you, contact Jody Thone, Director of Leadership Development for the Minnesota Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church.

Click the links below to access each section of the ConneXion Retreat:
Video 1: Introduction
Video 2: Listening
Video 3: Spiritual Practice
Video 4: Theology of Call
Video 5: Values
Video 6: Strengths (section A)
Video 7: Strengths (section B)
Video 8: Passions & Interests
Video 9: Discerning Your Call
Video 10: Building Your Team
Video 11: Next Steps

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