In this video, learn how to select one of Canva’s many pre-made social media templates and modify it to suit your church’s purposes. While the communications team of the Minnesota Conference has already made some templates available to you that are made with our churches’ key events in mind, we know we can’t cover every possible event your church has. Uusing one of Canva’s premade templates will be much easier and faster than making an image from scratch.

Communications Hub page where our editable Canva templates will be shared:

Karla’s first tutorial on how to make a social media image from a Minnesota Conference pre-made template: Sign up for the free Canva for Nonprofits (You will need to submit your proof of 501(c)(3) tax exemption.): A more complete training on using Canva: Keyboard shortcuts for Canva: This resource is licensed under the Creative Commons CCBY 2.0 license, meaning you may use and modify for any purpose, provided you attribute the resource to its creator.